Family Wellbeing

Issues to do with the wellbeing of the family unit among African immigrant communities

The Taboo of Not Going to College

Wisely so, Africans believe education is the key to a bright future. African immigrants expect their kids to go to college, that’s why they moved to the West. But the cost of going to college is becoming prohibitive and the benefits are increasingly coming into question. Exploring alternatives to college requires African immigrants in the West to embrace a different mindset, college may not be the best option for everyone.

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Funeral Insurance, Anyone?

African funerals can be expensive. For neo-African diasporans, they have to contend with the cost of repatriating a body to the motherland. We explore motivations for giving and evolving innovations to ease the individual burden of funerals among neo-African diasporans.

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The Language Inheritance Struggle

African immigrants in Western countries struggle to pass on their native language to their kids yet there are clear benefits. We explore the barriers and enablers of helping neo-African diasporan kids inherit African languages.

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African Parenting in a Western World – An Obstacle Navigation Course

For African immigrants, parenting in the Western world requires careful navigation. Many of the values and character formation strategies our parents applied cannot be replicated in our current context. The question is thus, how do we leverage our African background to raise responsible kids as immigrants living in a Western world? When is the African way helpful and when is it counterproductive?

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Immigration as a Pathway for Upward Mobility – Making Hindsight Count

The pursuit of upward mobility drives every immigrant’s dream. As the number of African immigrants settling in the West continues to grow, the opportunity exists to leverage the experience of neo-African diasporans to enhance upward mobility pathways for future migrants.

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