Immigrant Transnationalism

All about how African immigrants maintain active ties to people and institutions in their country of origin

Afrobeats Fuels Resurgence of Pride in African Roots

For African immigrants living in Western countries, it is not always easy to be seen as African. Negative media exposure and defaming stereotypes negate the pride of being African. But things are beginning to change. The rise of afrobeats is driving a resurgence of heritage pride among neo-African diasporans.

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AFCON – Diaspora Power on Display

The 2021 Africa Cup Nations has seen a record-setting number of African diaspora players from Europe and other parts of the West showing up to represent their motherland. We explore the drivers behind the trend and it’s significance.

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Will the Diaspora Vote Count?

A growing number of African countries are putting in place legislation to allow their diaspora to vote. However, allowing diaspora to vote and enabling them to vote are two different issues. Kenya’s upcoming election in 2022 will be a good test case on the effectiveness of diaspora engagement efforts. Will the diaspora vote count?

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Are We Ever Moving Back? A Vision Dissonance Dilemma

Most immigrants seem to operate with the assumption that one day, they will be moving back to Africa. While it may sound good to imagine that we will move back to our tropical refuge in our retirement, chances are the more we are established in our adopted country, the harder it is going to be to live in Africa.

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Why Immigrant Transnationalism Matters

Neo-African diasporans often have to balance responsibilities in their country of residence as well as their country of origin. Immigrant transnationalism can be both a gift and a curse. Understanding the experiences and challenges experienced by neo-African diasporans provides an avenue to enhance the well-being and contributions to society on both ends.

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