“The person who has not traveled widely, thinks his or her mother is the only cook (the best cook)”
– African Proverb​


What is it? Under the immigrant integration focus, we explore issues that affect African immigrants’ wellbeing and highlight their resilience.  We identify and analyze key factors and trends that influence the life outcomes of African immigrants as they settle in their adopted land.

Why does it matter?​ The African immigrant communities are a fast-growing segment of the global immigrant population. Yet, there seems to be little investment in understanding their unique trajectories and the effective approaches to help them overcome barriers to successful and productive lives.  To address this gap, we will compile and examine the experiences of African immigrants to provide a starting point for in-depth analysis for African immigrant issues and serve as a repository of information for future generations.

What we do: Under the immigrant integration focus, we explore issues across six thematic areas namely:

  • Careers & Entrepreneurship: Examples include looking at traditional and untraditional career paths for African immigrants, illustrations of innovation in entrepreneurship within the African immigrant community and various dynamics and trends influencing how African immigrants earn a living.
  • Family Wellbeing: Issues such as single parenthood, marriage and divorce,  raising kids with special abilities and extended family dynamics within the African immigrant community.
  • Health & Wellness: We explore at issues related to physical and mental health, spirituality, fitness and other factors that affect wellbeing.
  • Community Action: We assess how African immigrants come together to wield collective influence including mobilization strategies and civic engagement.
  • Gender and Inter-generational Dynamics: We investigate the differences and dynamics between men and women and different age groups.
  • Society & Relationships: includes societal issues such as religion, social cultural ceremenies and practices, friendship and social relationships among African immigrants in Western countries. 

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