Episode 9: Why unschooling?

In this episode, we discuss the concept of unschooling as an alternative way to educate our kids as immigrants. African immigrants have strong faith in education but traditional schooling models may not work for everyone. We explore why unschooling is a concept worth considering.

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Episode 8: Immigration as a Pathway for Upward Mobility

In this episode, we discuss immigration as a pathway towards upward mobility for African immigrants moving to the West, the different stages in the immigration journey and the factors that influence success at each stage.

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Episode 7: Do immigrant women do better than men?

In this episode, we debate the widely-held belief that African immigrant women acculturate faster and have more upward socioeconomic mobility as compared to their male counterparts. But how true is this assertion?

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Episode 6: Are we ever going back?

In this episode, we reflect on a common mentality among neo-African diasporans where we assume that even though we have settled in the West as immigrants, we will eventually move back to Africa. While some people will eventually move back, signs are that majority of us will live more permanently in the West, more than we realize.

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Episode 5: Unpacking Integration

In this episode of the Neo African Diaspora podcast, we explore what immigrant integration entails and how immigrants experience and display various forms of acculturation.

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Episode 4: Immigrant Transnationalism

In this episode, we explore the phenomenon of immigrant transnationalism including what transnationalism looks like for neo-African diasporans and why transnationalism matters for various stakeholders.

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Episode 3: Neo African Diaspora Reflections on Solidarity

We reflect on relationships among African immigrants from different countries.

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Episode 2: Assessing Solidarity Among Neo-African Diasporans

In our second episode, we explore the degree to which African immigrants living in Western countries are able to exercise solidarity across lines of national origin and come together to address common goals.

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