Neo African Diaspora Blog Submission Guidelines

We welcome blog submissions from neo-African diasporans and stakeholders. To submit a blog, please review the guidelines below:

  1. The blog must be relevant to issues affecting neo-African diasporans. You will be required to indicate the relevant theme based on our focus categories.
  2. Only original content will be accepted. By submitting a blog to Neo African Diaspora, the author certifies that the content on the blog is their own creative work. If the blog has been posted elsewhere, please indicate where the original blog was posted.   
  3. Submitted blogs must between 600 and 2,000 words, be written concisely in English and edited for grammar.   
  4. Your blog should not include more than two images and must have a caption and credit as applicable.
  5. Neo African Diaspora reserves the right to accept or reject submitted content for publishing on our website.
  6. No purely commercial promotional links should be included in the blog. 
  7. By submitting your blog as a guest blogger, you give Neo African Diaspora permission to post the blog upon approval by Neo African Diaspora. Neo African Diaspora will credit the author and the author waives any right to hold Neo African Diaspora liable in any form or manner.  
  8. Neo African Diaspora reserves the right to determine when and how long a guest blog can be published on our website.  
  9. By submitting your blog, you agree to adhere to our guidelines and terms.
  10. You can submit a blog using the link below.