Episode 2: Assessing Solidarity Among Neo-African Diasporans

In our second episode, we explore the degree to which African immigrants living in Western countries are able to exercise solidarity across lines of national origin and come together to address common goals. Discussion points include:  

  • Why social cohesion and solidarity among immigrants matters 
  • Ways in which communities of neo-African diasporans come together 
  • Trends in solidarity across African immigrants from different countries 
  • Challenges in building solidarity and social cohesion among neo-African diasporans
  • Opportunities for building solidarity and social cohesion 

Call to Action: We invite you to share your views on:

  • In what ways have you seen African immigrants within your community come together? 
  • Do you have any examples of research done on trends in solidarity across African immigrants from different countries? 
  • What do you think we as neo-African diasporans should be doing to strengthen solidarity and social cohesion among African immigrants?
  • Check out the Petition to designate a National African Immigrant Heritage Month in the US – https://chng.it/VrKPyQH5zS 

Visit www.neoafricandiaspora.com to share your views 

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