Episode 4: Immigrant Transnationalism

In this episode of the Neo African Diaspora podcast, we are joined by Peter Kirechu, a fellow African immigrant, as we explore the phenomenon of immigrant transnationalism including:

  • What transnationalism looks like for neo African diasporans 
  • Why transnationalism matters for various stakeholders 
  • Implications of the contributions from transnational immigrants especially remittances
  • Frustrations among neo African diasporans in dealing with contacts in their country of origin
  • Benefits of transnationalism for neo African diasporans 

Call to Action:

  • Do you have a favorite African proverb that you’d like us to highlight on our podcast? If so, hit us up on www.neoafricandiaspora.com, we’d love to hear from you. 
  • Share you views about the topic of transnationalism:
    • What does transnationalism mean to you?
    • What challenges have you encountered as a transnational immigrant?
    • What opportunities or benefits associated with transnationalism do you value the most?
    • What should we be advocating about to improve the experience of transnationalism for neo African diasporans? 
    • What aspects of immigrant transnationalism would you like to see us discuss in future?  

Credits: Music by Hikari School of Music – https://www.facebook.com/HikariSchoolOfMusic/

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