Episode 5: Unpacking Integration

In this episode of the Neo African Diaspora podcast, we explore the topic of immigrant integration to understand:

  • What immigrant integration entails and the various forms of acculturation 
  • The merits of integration compared to assimilation
  • How immigrants experience and display various forms of acculturation 
  • Factors that enable or hinder immigrant integration
  • The value of facilitating effective immigrant integration

Call to Action:

  • We need more research to understand trends and outcomes around immigrant integration among neo African diasporans
  • We know a bit about what immigrant integration looks like for African immigrants in the US but we are interested in understanding what acculturation models apply for African immigrants in other parts of the Western world. We welcome you to visit our website www.neoafricandiaspora.com to share your opinion.

Credits: Music by Hikari School of Music – https://www.facebook.com/HikariSchoolOfMusic/

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