Episode 8: Immigration as a Pathway for Upward Mobility

In this episode of the Neo African Diaspora podcast, we discuss immigration as a pathway towards upward mobility for African immigrants moving to the West. While African immigrants in the West do quite well, not everyone is successful. We explore the different stages in the immigration journey and the factors that influence success at each stage. We touch on the importance of being intentional and doing your homework before immigrating. We also discuss the significance of studying the trends and trajectories for upward mobility among immigrant populations for policy makers. 

Call to Action – As an African immigrant living in the Western world, what advice would you give to someone in Africa looking to immigrate to the West? What lessons have you learned on what determines the success of an immigrant? 

Special thanks to my guest Roger Ngong for appearing on the show and sharing his insights on the topic.  
Credits: Music by Hikari School of Music https://www.facebook.com/HikariSchoolOfMusic/

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