Episode 9: Why unschooling?

In a previous episode, we discussed upward mobility for neo-African diasporans. Many neo-African diasporans were brought up to believe traditional schooling was a ticket to success. Getting an education is something that is engrained in their psyche. In today’s episode:

We discuss how current models of education/schooling are outdated and do not adequately meet the challenges of the present world.

  • We propose unschooling as an alternative for preparing children to become innovative, successful productive citizens and why neo-African diasporans should consider this approach
  • We highlight the benefits of unschooling for all children and particularly for gifted and neurodivergent children – 
  • We explain the differences between unschooling and homeschooling
  • We offer suggestions on how to begin unschooling 

Call to Action:

  • More research is needed to track the trajectory of unschooled children.
  • We need to hear more stories about the experiences of parents and children undergoing unschooling, particularly those who are racial and ethnic minorities
  •  Visit our website (www.neoafricandiaspora.com/poll) to share your perspective on the issue of African immigrants assuming they will be moving back to Africa.   


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