Immigration as a Pathway for Upward Mobility – Making Hindsight Count

The pursuit of upward mobility drives every immigrant’s dream. As the number of African immigrants settling in the West continues to grow, the opportunity exists to leverage the experience of neo-African diasporans to enhance upward mobility pathways for future migrants.

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Are We Ever Moving Back? A Vision Dissonance Dilemma

Most immigrants seem to operate with the assumption that one day, they will be moving back to Africa. While it may sound good to imagine that we will move back to our tropical refuge in our retirement, chances are the more we are established in our adopted country, the harder it is going to be to live in Africa.

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Acculturation: A Framework For Defining Integration

Besides refugees who migrate to avoid persecution, immigrants move to another country in search of opportunities to better their lives. To that end, integration is crucial for the upward socioeconomic mobility of immigrant populations. Integration, also known as biculturalism, is a form of positive acculturation. By definition, acculturation refers to the cultural and psychological that…

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